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If you want to live healthy, good posture plays a significant role in your life. Many jobs require workers to sit in front of the computer all day, leading to bad posture. If you have bad posture, seeking chiropractic care such as that from us here at Dr. Walter E. Mendoza Chiropractor P.C. can help tremendously. We are located in Freeport NY. Following are five signs of bad posture.

Constant Headaches

Bad posture can cause recurring headaches. This is because the pressure is being put on the spine and neck when your head tilts forward which can then spread to the back of the skull. You can try massaging the back of your neck for immediate relief.

Rounded Shoulders

Another sign of poor posture is rounded shoulders, most commonly seen in people that work in offices. Sitting in front of a computer results in shortening and tightening of the muscles in the front of your shoulders.

Neck and Back Pain

When muscle imbalances put pressure on your back, particularly your lower back, back pain is the result. When you tilt your head forward, more stress is put on the cervical spine leading to a muscle imbalance. This makes it difficult for the neck to hold your head up straight, resulting in neck pain.

Titled Pelvis

A tilted pelvis comes with both discomfort and pain. When you sit for long periods, your hips will begin to tighten. As a result, your pelvis will hurt as it rotates forward. Make sure that you are always sitting up straight while sitting in front of your computer to avoid developing a tilted pelvis.

Hunched Back

A hunched back is an obvious sign of bad posture. Be aware of an increase in the curve of your spine that extends through your mid-back and shoulder blades. Kyphosis is the medical term for hunched back. Be sure to stand up straight and practice good posture to avoid having a hunched back.

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