Aqua Massage Pricing
1.  Pay Per Massage
The rate for an individual massage is $1 per minute.  You choose the amount of time,  starting at 15 minutes, going up in 5 minute increments.  Common times/prices are:
$15 for 15 minutes
$20 for 20 minutes
$25 for 25 minutes
$30 for 30 minutes 
2.  Massage Packages
Purchase 60 or 120 minutes at a discounted rate per minute.  Then split up those minutes however you’d like (ex. 3-  20 minute massages).  Minutes never expire.  More than one person can use the minutes in a package.
60 minute package for $55
120 minute package for $100 
The most cost efficient and beneficial plan.  For a set fee each month, you receive 2 massages each month.  Regular massages provide the most benefit in really relaxing the muscles/reducing pain and keeping your muscles loose and relaxed between massages.   
$27 for 2-  20 minute massages per month
$35 for 2-  30 minute massages per month