The state of New York allows workers who were injured on the job to undergo chiropractic treatment for work injury problems such as back pain and neck pain. Worker’s comp claims that include a visit to the chiropractor will be covered by insurance the same as any other medical treatment sought by an injured worker. Dr. Walter E. Mendoza Chiropractor P.C. has helped many people with work-related injuries recover their mobility and return to their form of employment. He has handled many workers comp claims at his Freeport, NY, clinic and understands the needs of his patients to be able to return to work in a pain-free state.

Can I Make a Workers Comp Claim for Back Pain?

If you feel your back pain is the direct result of the duties of your employment, you can file a claim for back pain. Worker’s compensation laws for New York state that benefits are designed to cover every type of medical treatment available. That includes visits to the chiropractor.

Can a Chiropractor Help Me With Neck Pain?

In most cases, a chiropractor can help you with your neck pain. Neck pain is frequently caused by the vertebrae moving out of alignment due to repetitive motions, which include anything from staring at a monitor in a fixed position too long or the repetitive motion of swinging a tool on a job site. Our chiropractor can address the causes of neck pain and help you find relief.

What Kind of Treatments Does a Chiropractor Offer?

A chiropractor uses gentle manipulation to restore your body to its proper alignment. The type of treatment provided by the chiropractor depends on the location and severity of the work injury. For example, if you have neck pain, our chiropractor will engage in treatment that’s appropriate for the cervical spine and so on.

Will Workers Compensation Cover All of My Visits to the Chiropractor?

Workers comp typically covers the cost of care for all visits with a medical professional that is related to a work injury. The insurance company may put a limit on how many times you can see a chiropractor, but if additional visits are necessary, you may be able to appeal to the insurer for more treatment.

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